Business Plan for E-2 and L-1 Visa

$57.00 USD $79.00 sale

Business Plan for E-2 and L-1 Visa

$57.00 USD $79.00 sale

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to prepare your immigration documents? Do you want to avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a lawyer? If so, you will love our amazing packet! This packet was actually drafted by our law firm and is real and used in real life. It is the next best thing to being represented by an immigration lawyer. It contains everything you need to fill out your forms correctly and confidently. You will also get access to our exclusive online support system, where you can ask questions and get answers from our experienced staff. Don't miss this opportunity to get your immigration packet today !

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Product description

This sample Business Plan has been prepared by an Immigration Lawyer with over 25 years of experience.  There are charts, graphs, and market segments for exactly what the U.S. Consulate is looking for with your Business Visa Application.

Whether it is an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa or L-1 lntracompany Transferee Visa or an EB-5 Investor Visa you can save thousands by using this Business Plan and altering it to your specifications. The Business Plan is a requirement of many business applications and with it, your chances of success on the visa application are much higher.

There are Business Plans prepared specifically by business organizations, and then there is our Business Plan prepared by an expert immigration lawyer. It is critical when the investment visa is being adjudicated that you properly and accurately show the officer all of the necessary numbers, charts, graphs and explanations how the business will grow and what will be needed in each of the particular segments of the business. The Business Plan must be prepared with care to show growth, but to be realistic and believable. This Business Plan gives the tools for you to do this and have a higher chance of success.

The investment visas which are most applicable to foreign nationals are the E-2 (treaty-investor), L-1 (intracompany transferee) and the E-1 (treaty-trader). They deal with people coming to the U.S. to start their own business or buying a business already in operation. It may involve trading with the U.S. or opening a branch office. There are several scenarios for these types of immigration visa petitions. One thing is for sure. Each one of these investment related visas and petitions must have a complex business plan with a 5 year outlook. It must be geared to meet the immigration requirements and technicalities. Of course, somebody might be able to either create their own business plan or just get a program to do it. However, what is the use of creating a business plan if it does not meet the U.S. Immigration requirements and regulations? An immigration officer or consulate officer giving the immigration interview could easily deny the entire E-2, L-1 or E-1 petition because it does not properly show the necessary data and information on the business plan. Don’t shortcut this element of the petition as it is very important.

Typically, there will be charts and graphs and segments and markets and various other items to indicate to U.S. Immigration or the U.S. Consulate how well the business will be doing in 5 years, that it will comply with the immigration regulations, statutes and requirements and that the officer will have the authority to approve this investment visa. The sample business plan you see will give lots of great information and a significant amount of information and data that will comply with the requirements. Thus, if you cannot hire an immigration lawyer to prepare the necessary business plan, this is the next best thing. Follow it carefully and closely and you will have a real chance of realizing your dream to come to the United States and conduct business and be the entrepreneur that you know you can be.

We certainly hope you find this petition useful and helpful and hope for the best immigration experience you can have. We do have petitions on every subject area of immigration and you might look at those if needed as well. If you do need to actually have a consultation, you can call our U.S. Immigration Law office at 562-495-0554 for an initial free consultation to determine what must be done to help you and your family.