Deportation Training Course Access Packet $35.00 $46.50
Nobody wants to be in deportation. However, if your either in deportation proceedings (removal proceedings) or will have to go to immigration court or have already been deported or have a deportation order, these videos are for you. Many times there are ways of getting back to the U.S. and/or stopping a deportation or fighting deportation in Immigration Court so that the order is never given in the first place. Come learn about what you can do and how to help yourself with the different facets of deportation law. The EB-2 is the second based employment preference. Understanding  the basic requirements of an EB-2 and whether you might also need to apply for the EB-3 employment based petition is critical. Many times these petitions take years less than family. There are many different items necessary to properly submit Deportation. Come watch the training so you can have a much better chance of getting the Deportation approved.