Sibling Petitioning Brother or Sister

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Sibling Petitioning Brother or Sister

$60.00 USD $90.00 sale

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Ready to Petition your Brother or Sister? In this case, are you a United States Citizen over 21 years old petitioning a sibling. it will be considered a fourth preference petition where there will be visa waiting for quite a while before you can move onto the next phase. The next step when the Visa number becomes current is to either adjust status or consulate process. The first part must be done and must be done properly in order to ever proceed to the next part. Without a proper I-130 application there will never be a Green Card. If approved, then you could move onto the next step in the Immigration process. If not approved, it will take years of red tape. Remember, it is your responsibility to submit everything correctly. This sample I-130 Petition has everything necessary to give you the best chance possible to get an approval. Just input your own information and use the application as a guide. It has been prepared by an expert Immigration Attorney. Thus, this book will allow you to see a guide of how it is done, prepared and submitted.

As an Immigration Lawyer, we are very aware of the red tape and the multiple items that could go wrong with any particular petition and/or application. Thus, this example should provide you a very clear path with which you can use to prepare your own Sibling Petition in order to proceed forward. The sample Sibling Petition petition will give lots of great information and a significant amount of information and data that will comply with the requirements. Note that it is not an automatic grant and it is not just filling out some forms. This is your burden to prove to the immigration officer and to convince that officer you should be reinstated even after falling out of status. Thus, if you cannot hire an immigration lawyer to prepare the necessary Sibling Petition, then this is the next best thing. Follow it carefully and closely and you will have a real chance of realizing your dream to stay inside the United States and continue your education. Note that the adjudicating officer at USCIS is not your friend or the Consulate Officer at the U.S. Consulate deciding whether you should get this particular visa or status. Thus, you need to completely and properly document and prepare your Sibling  Petition. You must properly either get legal representation via an attorney or represent yourself. Either way, if you qualify for this, you must make it as strong as possible.

As a sibling of a US citizen, I understand how important it is to be reunited with family. However, the process of bringing siblings to the United States can be a long and complicated one. In this article, I will explain the I-130 processing time for sibling immigration petitions in 2021, factors that can affect processing time, tips for speeding up the process, and what to do if your petition is taking longer than expected.

Sibling immigration petitions are a way for US citizens to bring their brothers and sisters to the United States. It is important to note that only US citizens can petition for their siblings. Permanent residents are not eligible to file a sibling immigration petition. Additionally, the sibling must be unmarried and over the age of 21.

The process of filing a sibling immigration petition involves submitting Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form establishes the relationship between the US citizen and their sibling and serves as the first step in the immigration process.

The I-130 form is a petition that establishes a family relationship between a US citizen and their sibling. The form must be completed accurately and submitted to USCIS along with supporting documents, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. Once USCIS receives the I-130 form, they will review it to ensure that it is complete and accurate. If there are any issues or missing information, USCIS will request additional documentation or clarification. If the I-130 form is approved by USCIS, it will be sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing. The NVC will then send the petition to the US embassy or consulate in the sibling's home country, where they will be interviewed and screened for eligibility for a visa to enter the United States.

The processing time for sibling immigration petitions can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. In general, USCIS estimates that the processing time for an I-130 form is between 7 and 15 months.

We certainly hope you find this petition useful and helpful and hope for the best immigration experience you can have. We do have petitions on every subject area of immigration, and you might look at those if needed as well. If you do need to actually have a consultation, you can call our U.S. Immigration Law office at 562-495-0554 for an initial free consultation to determine what must be done to help you and your family.